Will your last wishes be carried out?

PTC Newsletter 26/04/21 | Annet Heitman

Our Senior Will Writer, John Sutcliffe, has been thinking about the importance of wills.

We all want the peace of mind that comes from knowing our families will be looked after once we’re gone. But without a basic will in place, an already difficult time for your loved ones could become even more distressing. Having a basic will would ensure your loved ones will inherit exactly what you want them to. It would also mean they won’t have to overcome any extra complications as your chosen representatives would administer your affairs, ensuring your wishes are carried out and avoiding any unnecessary stress.

Having a Valid Will ensures that your assets are passed down to the right people, according to your wishes, protecting the future of your loved ones.

Our estate planning consultants are always happy to chat, advise and put your mind at ease. They are also specialists in finding the right will for you. So, don’t be a stranger and get in touch. 

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Our Trust administrator Fiona was most understanding of elderly people and our position. She made everything clear so we understood what to do next. Always pleasant and cheerful. Help beyond to exit from Trust with previous company as we were getting nowhere. True gold, 1st class.

Margaret and Joseph

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