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There are a number of misconceptions around Wills that have contributed to the stigma that still persists in society. The majority of younger people believe this is not something they should worry about at least for a few years, while older generations often see this process as daunting and expensive.

Let us redefine your view on making a Will.

Putting things in place

Having a valid Will is first and often most important step for putting plans in place. Responsible and thoughtful estate planning starts with a simple Will, putting this in place is as important and natural as making plans for your future and future of your loved ones as you do in life.

Simple process

Making a simple Will is a straightforward process. In short, you need to appoint right people to manage your affairs upon death, known as Executors, and name people you want to pass your assets to, known as Beneficiaries. You can also appoint Guardians for your children and outline your funeral arrangements.

Experienced Will writers will be able to identify all relevant sections to be included in your Will, without the need to delve into all of your personal situation if you want and need a simple Will.

Doesn’t sound that complicated at all, does it?

Cost transparency

All established Will Writers and Estate Planners would be able to provide you with a straightforward cost for preparing a simple Will.

Bespoke solutions such as Will which incorporate Trusts are more expensive, but could provide you with additional benefits and peace of mind.

A more experienced Estate Planning Consultant will be able to guide you through all available options and to run through all costs involved. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your consultation and ask as many questions as you need to!


We hope that this brief introduction to Will Writing has changed your perception of making a Will.


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Would you like to find out more? Visit our Will Writing page for useful tips on preparing and storing your Will!

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